Benefits & Comparison

1. Lightweight

    • a. Mass of 1 Panel of 18mm Plywood: 19.88kg
    • b. Average Density: 340kg/m^3
    • c. Capacity of 40’HC Container: 50-55m^3

2. Fully Customizable

    • a. CNC Painting Available: Three Times Cheaper than Hand-Spraying
    • b. Cut-to-Size Products: No Yield Loss, Increased Output
    • c. Custom Thicknesses: Less Labor and Processing Costs
    • d. Oversized Panels Available

3. Consistent Supply

    • a. Plantations are Company-Owned, so Every Aspect of Production is Controlled, from Harvesting Trees to Manufacturing Panels

4. Consistent Grading and Quality

    • a. Product is Received According to Standards Agreed Upon in Sales Contract
    • b. High Tolerances
    • c. Thickness Tolerance: -0.0mm/+0.3mm
    • d. Stable Tolerances in Width, Length, and Diagonal

5. High Dimensional Stability

    • a. Engineered Products with Multiple Layers Minimize Stress Propagation

6. Great Mechanical Properties

    • a. No Catenary Effect (no sagging under its own weight)
    • b. Screw Retention Strength (44mm Doorcore): 121kg
    • c. Modulus of Elasticity (18mm Plywood): 5326 Mpa
    • d. Crushing Strength, Parallel to Grain (18mm Plywood): 15,200 N

7. No Delamination in ASTM Accelerated Aging Test

    • a. approximately equivalent to 20 years of outdoor use; Albasia is
    • normally utilized for indoor applications, but can withstand seasonal variations

8. High Quality Control Standards

    • a. Certified 4 International Control Standards
    • b. Panels are Produced According to Grading Specifications

9. Minimal Moisture Expansion / Minimal Off-Gassing

    • a. Maximum 2% Expansion by Volume
    • b. MRE1 Glue: E1 Compliant = JAS 2.5 Star Compliant = CARB Phase 1 Compliant
    • c. WBP Glue: E0 Compliant = JAS 4 Star Compliant = CARB Phase 2 Compliant
    • Albasia Falcata / Sengon is also a great Insulator and provides excellent Sound Damping


Comparison of Albasia Falcata

Mechanical Property 18mm Albasia Plywood 18mm MDF
MOE 5326Mpa 2240Mpa
MOR 40,27Mpa 25,0Mpa
Screw Holding Strength 97,0Kg 40,77Kg
Thickness Expansion at
90% Relative Humidity
1,57% 10,0%
Density 371Kg/m³ 650-800Kg/m³
Catenary Effect* None Bends under his own weight
* Catenary effect refers to the sagging of an object suspended between 2 points.


Mechanical Property 18mm Albasia Blockboard
Veneered both sides
18mm Spruce Blockboard
Faced with Chipboard
E-Module diagonal 6762N/mm² 5429N/mm²
E-Module length 2140N/mm² 2284N/mm²
Bending strength diagonal 51N/mm² 41N/mm²
Bending strength length 19N/mm² 15N/mm²
Thickness Expansion at
90% Relative Humidity
2,34% 8,30%
Density 367Kg/m³ 644Kg/m³
    • Results:
    • Weight reduction -43%
    • Increase of the E-Module diagonal +24%
      Increase in bending strength +24%
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