LITEWOOD: Our Plantations

Albasia Falcata / Sengon are 100% Plantation Grown
and Not Native to Indonesia.
No deforestration Associated with Albasia Cultivation.

By 2010, approximately 40% of our timber needs were secured by plantations owned by our partners, ABP and BBP. Together, ABP and BBP own today (September 2018) over 3000 hectares of renewable, sustainable plantation land.

As early as 2011 we were one of the first Companies in Indonesia accredited with the SVLK / BRIK certification fulfilling the necessary traceability and legality aspects of the used Timber. Since then a complete Environmental Impact and Risk assessment was done at both Factory sides, including the Plantations. In March 2013 SCS Global Services confirmed that their independent audit has been completed and conformity to the applicable standards has been confirmed. Pacific Ring Europe and the Production Units ABP and BBP are certified according to the FSC® Chain of Custody scheme. In 2016 Pacific Ring Europe were among the first Companies exporting Plywood made out of Albasia Falcata meeting the newly developed legality Guidelines from the European Union. Our Partner and us are fully EUTR compliant.

Today we and our Partners are meeting the strict rules of the FSC® C106855 certification scheme. We are proud to offer our Customers additional best 3rd party proof to rest assured about the sustainability of their purchase.


By owning these large plantations, we are not subject to commodity price fluctuations. As a result, raw material costs are stable and the end products are not subject to any strong fluctuation

Albasia plantations provide consistent revenue for local farmers and support the growth of numerous indigenous shade crops for local Indonesian communities. Multiple community outreach programs have been created throughout the years to promote awareness about the benefits of sustainable harvesting.

We believe that quality cannot be sold without sustainability. Ensuring your Natural Resource needs of tomorrow, we are proud to serve you by best utilizing Albasia wood.

After years development we are the first producer of a retail ready wall cladding system made out of Albasia Timber. Made only with FSC®(C-106855) certified Raw-material, we ensured that product development down the value chain gives best revenue for all farmers involved.

If you like to learn more abt. our Sustainable Development goals do not hesitate to call on us. We are more than happy to share and discuss further.

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